Fully Promoted Edmonton (South West), AB.

Essential Service Products

Fully Promoted was built on effectively sourcing branded merchandise. During this time of crucial need, we have focused our resources and industry expertise to assist the needs of essential services to secure critical medical supplies.

At Fully Promoted, we're here to help you and your organization stay safe and healthy while we each do our part to help our local community!

Products on this page are intended for Essential Service workers and the people they come into contact with.  These items have large minimum quantities, so we may be grouping orders to meet minimum import requirements.  Availability changes every day, so orders will be processed on a first-come-first-served basis. To place an order, please contact us directly.

We reserve the right to redirect your order to a medical facility that may need the products urgently. This may be done without notice. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation. 



Edmonton (South West), AB.

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