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Branded T-Shirts are the King of the Promotional Hill

Branded T-Shirts Provide Major Promotional ROI

Music concerts, outdoor festivals, college campus stores, even professional sporting events. What do these venues all have in common? They all count t-shirts among their top products for promotional purposes. Why? Because people simply go crazy for them. Fans in the stands at any event drop everything when imprinted t-shirts are shot out of a cannon or thrown into the stands.

 The best thing for a sponsor who has their logo or marketing message decorated onto a promotional branded t-shirt is that recipients tend to keep shirts for a long time. A recent reports that 80% of American consumers own at least one promotional t-shirt in their drawers. Further, 63% of consumers keep their imprinted t-shirts for more than a year, and 47% hang onto them for over two years. In other words, every time a sponsor hands out a shirt, they’ve suddenly given out a walking billboard that nearly half the people who receive it will wear in public for at least the next two years.

T-Shirts Offer a Variety of Promotional Uses

With a return-on-investment like that, it’s no wonder that companies in nearly every sector promote themselves with t-shirts. In fact, t-shirts are the most popular promotional product in North America, representing billions of dollars worth of sales. Planning a charity walk or other type of fundraiser? T-shirts provide the perfect canvas to put sponsor logos onto and to give out to all participants. Are you a human resources professional looking to plan a company outing this summer? Branded t-shirts are simply a must-have, not only making the decision easy for employees on what to wear, but also giving them a walking advertisement for your company after the event has ended.

How about a field trip for a school or camp? Yes, branded t-shirts in every color are available. Our advice though: Choose one color so all the kids on the trip are easily identifiable while away from home-base. Even banks, manufacturing companies, government organizations, real estate agencies, and universities (just to name a few!) are major buyers of promotional t-shirts.

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