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Promotional Pens from Fully Promoted

Promotional pens are kept and used over and over by most people. The informative staff at Fully Promoted will help you choose the best branded promotional pens to use as giveaways to help grow your brands exposure. From the economical Bic Clic Stic given to every customer, to a classy Zenith Ballpoint pen handed to a special VIP customer after a meeting, there are many choices available to fit any marketing budget.

Branded Pens with Multiple Uses

Stand out from your competitors by handing out multi-use pens, which can be a combination of a highlighter, stylus or even a pencil. Everybody loves gadgets. Multi-use pens can become a customer’s favorite and will continually advertise your products and services. Invest in a banner pen that hides a message until you display the banner. These are good table items at a trade show, they are often the first to be snagged by the attendees.

Special Grip Pens

Many people continue to use a special grip pen due the comfort and feel. Some like wider pens with cushioned grips and others prefer thin smooth metal pens. Many of the special grip pens are now protected with anti-microbial grips, which are beneficial in a doctor’s office or hospital.

The Perfect Writing Tool

Choose a pen that is smooth, attractive and a pleasure to use throughout the day. Classy metal, vibrant and multi-color pens show a positive image of your company and users will take note. For a small investment, your branded writing tool may pay off in new orders and services for your business.

Contact your promotional team here at Fully Promoted today to discuss your marketing goals and they will help you every step of the way. Your success is our success, and we specialize in helping make businesses like yours grow.

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