Fully Promoted Barrie, ON

meet the team

Fully Promoted has a world class team supporting all locations worldwide. As a part of the Business Retail Division of United Franchise Group, there are many individuals with years of experience in the franchising world available to provide knowledge and resources to all Fully Promoted Stores.

Here is a snapshot of our powerhouse Executive Team for Fully Promoted:

Yousuf Sandeela

Chief Executive Officer of Fully Promoted Canada

Yousuf Sandeela is the Chief Executive Officer of Fully Promoted Canada. Prior to this, Yousuf held senior international banking positions and managed regional teams of traders, salespeople, marketeers and structurers. His keen interest in e-commerce, and his focus on market share growth, innovation and teamwork helped him build many successful businesses. Yousuf is a big believer in building teams, fostering win-win partnerships, and leveraging social, networking and industry groups. He has been an active participant in intellectual forums and industry associations throughout his career.

Ray Titus

Chief Executive Officer of United Franchise Group

Ray Titus is the CEO of United Franchise Group and its affiliated companies. Mr. Titus is a life-long entrepreneur who began his career with his father, franchising legend Roy Titus, and went on to develop a group of successful brands and franchise development services over the last 30 years.

Andrew Titus

President of Fully Promoted

Andrew Titus is a driven and motivated professional with a strong background in business and sales. Born and raised in West Palm Beach, FL, he received his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with a focus in management and marketing from Samford University. Throughout his career, he has consistently proven his ability to excel in leadership roles, starting as a Franchise Development Representative and working his way up to his current position as President of Fully Promoted and Executive Vice President of Development at United Franchise Group (UFG).

Michelle Longueria

Vice President of Operations

Michelle Longueria started with United Franchise Group over 10 years ago supporting our EmbroidMe locations after managing her own Embroidery shop for several years before that. She brings a unique perspective to the position from her years working one-on-one with owners at their locations helping them grow their businesses. She is now responsible for driving profitability and managing support and training for Fully Promoted locations across the United States.