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How Promo Products Help Advertise Hospitality

How Promo Products Help Advertise Hospitality

The global hospitality market makes up billions of dollars annually, and promo products are a cost-effective way to increase your piece of that pie even more. Boasting great ROIs and cost-per-impression, branded goods and giveaways are a smart choice for any hospitality business. Whether you’re a small family-owned surf shop or a giant tourism conglomerate, we’ll be able to create a custom promotional strategy for you that’s tailored to meet your specific business goals.


Vacations and trips are often big-ticket purchases, but free gifts and giveaways go a long way to get potential travelers to sign on the dotted line. Not only that, there’s huge demand for branded goods in retail stores like gift shops, souvenir stores and boardwalk shops. Promotional products are a prime opportunity to provide vacationers with items they need while also promoting your business – making travelers more likely to visit you again next year and help to advertise your business to every person they encounter when sporting one of your branded items.


Which Promos Are Best for My Hospitality Business?

Hospitality promotional products are more than just the quintessential pen left on your hotel pillow. There’s a wide breadth of products available to advertise your hotel, resort or tourism group.


Writing instruments like pens may be number one for this sector, but bags (think about a cool embroidered logo on a beach bag) and drinkware are a close second. Stock up on totes and drawstring backpacks so guests can carry their belongings to the beach or pool – and continue to use them years after their trip as well. Reusable bottles are great for guests to stay hydrated in the sun, while promotional pint and wine glasses will make recipients remember their time away with every sip. Don’t forget about apparel either: did you even go on vacation if you don’t come back with a branded tee or sweatshirt?


There are plenty of hospitality promo opportunities with souvenir stores too. Hotel gift shops can be stocked with branded sunscreen, lip balm and bottles of aloe to save the day if vacationers forgot their essentials at home. Or, if your souvenir store sells wares along the boardwalk or main shopping drag, stock up on logoed accessories like beach towels, beach bags and sunglasses for guests to buy and remember their special trip. Visit us today  to discover all the ways promotional products can help advertise your hospitality business.

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