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The Best Promo Products for Your Next Event

Add Promotional Products to your Event Marketing

No good event is complete without promotional products. Logoed items go a long way toward making an event exciting and engaging for attendees. Plus, they have the added benefit of helping people remember the event, and your brand, after it’s over. Whether you’re planning a business event, retirement party, fundraising gala, company picnic or wedding, there are tons of promo products that can help you boost attendance and improve the entire experience.

Decide early on if you’ll need a special logo for the event, or if you’ll just use your company logo. If you decide to create a special logo, remember to include the time, date and possibly the location within the design. It’s also a good idea to somehow incorporate your business or organization’s logo into the new design. Take careful consideration of colors, depending on your event – brighter than normal may be better!

 Promotional Products for Marketing your Event and Increasing Attendance

A lot of the promotional products that will be used leading up to your event fall under promotional printing. To invite people, send an email invitation and a print invitation. If you’re on a tight budget, consider sending the email first, then printed invitations for people who haven’t responded. Well-designed invitations with heavy stock envelopes or fridge magnets will really stand out. For tight budgets, a simple postcard is sometimes all it takes to get more attendees.

For corporate events, you’ll need signage around the office to remind employees of the upcoming event. If you decide to offer something extra special, like an engraved glass with the event logo, make sure to include this on your signs to build excitement. The added incentive often increases attendance and helps push people to arrive closer to starting time.

When the day finally arrives, you want to make sure you have the right balance of branding. Is your event a race? Consider outfitting participants and volunteers in different colored headbands. In a banquet hall? Have your staff where uniforms to create a cohesive, branded look. If your event is more on the elegant side, button downs with vests, scarves or bow ties could be an option. If your event is more casual, consider matching polos or T-shirts.

Most events also include food and drink, and literally every item can be imprinted: glasses, napkins, plates – and even straws. Decide what works best for your event. For wedding receptions, add the couple’s initials and date to napkins during cocktail hour. At outdoor events, logoed reusable cups can be a big hit, as well as silicone wristbands and sunglasses. Is your outdoor event being held in the winter? Make sure all the coffee cups and sleeves are imprinted.

Don’t forget about party favors! Even when the party’s over, you want to remind attendees of the experience (and your brand). Individually wrapped chocolates are always a hit, but if you want something that lasts a little longer, then pens, T-shirts, bags, keychains, bottle openers and coasters are excellent options. If you can tie the promo theme to your event, that’s even better, like a nail file for a salon’s grand opening.

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