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Advertise Your Financial Business with Promotional Products

Advertise Your Financial Business with Promotional Products

You want people to invest their money with your bank or investment firm, but consumers need to know the value you provide before parting with their money. Promotional products are a great way to put their minds at ease, foster new relationships and promote trust in your finance group – all while getting your company’s name out in the public eye.


It makes sense why: Wouldn’t you feel more secure giving your money to a bank if they’ve given you something in return as well? Even affordable promotional products like pens and tote bags will go a long way in getting investors to come to you with their hard-earned cash.


There is a wealth of promotional opportunities for banks and financial institutions just like yours to take advantage of, if you know where to look. For instance, new branch openings are an excellent chance to pass out freebies to people in the community who may not be a member of your organization yet – not to mention promotional signage will ensure your business stands out. Or, consider sponsoring events in your local area like concerts or charity runs and handing out co-branded goods during the big event. These occasions are great opportunities to represent your finance group in a good light and to reach an audience you otherwise may not interact with.


Which Promos Are Best for My Bank or Finance Business?

While there are literally a million promotional products that could perform for your financial organization, it’s been proven that writing instruments, desk accessories, apparel and drinkware should be your top promo picks. Invest in a bulk order of branded pens to save on cost and then keep them at your front desk for visitors to take when they stop in to make a deposit or open up an account. Or, opt for high-end writing instruments like stainless steel pen gift sets to wow new clients or potential prospects. They’ll think of your business every time they do their financial planning, building the association between your group and their funds.


Desk accessories like calendars, notebooks and folders are great choices too, as recipients can use them in their home office. Padfolios will be appreciated by new investors, plus they can use these items to store any pamphlets or brochures they pick up while visiting your branch. High-end embroidered apparel is always a crowd pleaser and will be worn by recipients of all ages, increasing your brand awareness with a larger demographic. Don’t forget about drinkware items like sports bottles or mugs too – reusable promos mean repeated impressions with every use.


Finally, be sure to invest in end-of-year gifts to give to your top investors or loyal customers. They’ve invested a lot of money with you, so think high-end here: consider gift baskets, wine gift sets, or crystal plaques to say “thank you” to your partners. Visit us at Fully Promoted today to learn more about how we can help provide promotional products for your financial business.

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