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Get Promotional Products for Your Healthcare Business

Get Promotional Products for Your Healthcare Business

Healthcare companies are the second-largest buyer of promotional products in North America, which illustrates their effectiveness. In fact, healthcare companies spend 25% of their overall marketing budget on promos. Whether you work in a hospital, physician’s office, healthcare clinic or medical insurance company, there are an abundance of products you can use to educate patients and provide additional value, all while getting your company name out there. It’s a win-win for you and your patients.


Unlike other industries with products or services that can be sold at any time, the healthcare sector relies on patients to come back to their offices when they are in need of medical care – which means repeat business is a necessity for your practice to thrive. Promotional products are a creative and cost-effective way to accomplish that. By providing useful items patients can keep in their homes, they’ll be more likely to remember your practice when it’s time for a check-up again and will come back to visit you and your staff once more.


Which Promos Are Best for Medical Companies?

We carry a wide breadth of offerings that are proven to be successful for healthcare companies and doctor’s offices all around the country. Imprinted pens are an economical and effective choice: Give them to patients as they sign in so they can take your brand home and remember you if they fall under the weather again. First-aid kits or bandage dispensers will make a great impression by keeping patients and their families safe, even after their appointment. Or, consider promotional tote bags, which are handy for patients to store any paperwork or pamphlets they pick up during their visit.


Don’t forget about promotional products for your office staff too. Branded and decorated apparel (think: embroidery) is a simple way to communicate your level or prestige and professionalism, which also increases patient trust in your practice. You can also invest in logoed mugs or reusable sports bottles for staff to drink from during long shirts. After all, your staff’s health is just as important as the patients you treat. Visit us today to learn about even more promotional opportunities available to your healthcare company.

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