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Branded Highlighters

Writing instruments are one of the Top 5 most influential promotional product giveaways according to a study of advertisers. Many people use highlighters at work or school but for marketing-savvy businesses, this simple and practical item can become a valuable advertising tool. There is an entirely new era of highlighters that include combo pens, styluses, thin ones, the original bulky style, and many other convenient shapes and sizes. Highlighters are the most visible pens in a customer’s pen holder, desk or backpack. The perfect place to present your logo and increase brand recognition.

Students and Highlighters

Branded highlighters can help schools promote school pride. There are unique highlighters with the “hand” or “flower” design that are designed with five different color pens attached. Remember the fidget spinner fad that hit the world recently? There’s a spinner highlighter available with three color pens attached, that would make an interesting promotional item. Customized highlighters are also a smart, cost-effective and useful promotional item for your next tradeshow event.

Out of the Workplace

Once away from school or the office, who doesn’t like to relax with their tablet or phone? There are highlighter styluses available in many shapes, colors and convenient sizes. Increase your brand visibility and create awareness among potential buyers outside of a normal business setting. Think about the activities that you attend during the week or weekend. By giving away custom highlighters, pens or styluses at school sporting events, dance recitals or even church functions, you expand the reach of your brand and stay in front of your customers while reminding them that your business is an important part of their community.

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