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Make Your Booth Stand Out at Your Next Trade Show

Make Your Booth Stand Out at Your Next Trade Show

Trade shows and conventions are excellent opportunities to advertise your brand, and promotional products are an effective way to make that happen. Think about it: There is a lot happening on the trade show floor. It’s loud and crowded, which can make attendees feel overwhelmed by all the booths they need to stop at. However, if a company is handing out free stuff? Attendees will be racing over to get some of that free swag for themselves.


Once people swing by your booth to check out your promos, it’s your perfect opportunity to get them talking. You’ve given them something for their time, so they’re more likely to stay a while and learn more about your business. Not only will promos open the door to networking opportunities, they’ll also ensure your brand is remembered afterwards too. Attendees will take your giveaways home with them after the event and remember their interactions with you – making them more likely to follow up and continue the conversation later.


Advertise Your Business with Promotional Products

Picking the right promos for your upcoming trade show or convention starts with looking at your industry. For instance, a corporate entity could pass out branded desk accessories like pens, notebooks and folders for prospects to take back to work with them after the event. This will build an association between what they do and what your business does, which makes it easier for representatives to follow up and nurture that lead. Or, perhaps your company promotes a sustainable message. You could hand out eco-friendly items like tote bags and reusable sports bottles to spread your message to the masses without a lengthy sales pitch. The promos will do the talking!


There are plenty of trade show promos that work across all industries too. Writing instruments like pens and highlighters will always come in handy, as attendees can use them during the show to take notes and jot down contact information. Custom-labeled water bottles will keep everyone cool, and they’ll appreciate your brand more and more with every sip they take. Never underestimate the power of free food either: custom-labeled candies and mints will never be turned down by attendees passing your trade show booth!


Plus, don’t forget to invest in signage to ensure your company stands out from the rest on the trade show floor. Large-scale displays like tents and canopies make it easy to mark your space, while signage like banners and table covers can convey marketing messages clearly, thanks to their large surface area for imprinting.


Printed materials like brochures, business cards and sales sheets are a must too. Make sure attendees have something to walk away with so they can learn about your company at their leisure. There are tons of trade show and event opportunities at your fingertips. Visit us here at your local Fully Promoted today to learn how to get set up with promotional products for your next trade show or convention.

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