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Drawstring Bags

Custom Drawstring Bags from Your Local Fully Promoted

Custom drawstring bags make fantastic giveaways at trade shows, schools or corporate events, and even community gatherings. Place your logo on a drawstring bag to give potential customers a functional promotional item that they will use instantly and bring with them to other events in the future.

One of the most impactful qualities of custom drawstring bags as a promotional item is that they are almost always on display. A brand’s message will show clearly hanging over the shoulder of a customer, while other competitors’ items may be hidden, tucked away in the very bag provided. Drawstring bags that are customized with a company’s name or message on them, can provide a unique advantage in trade show and event marketing.

Drawstring Bags Are Visible All Over

When customers leave the trade show or event, the branded drawstring bag from Fully Promoted travels with them. Customers often use these as convenient carry-ons for their flights home, vacations with families, and quick trips out and about. Each day that the bag travels increases your brand awareness over and over again.

Exposing brand names and logos to potential customers at multiple touchpoints makes people more aware of those companies. As a result, these companies will be top of mind the next time they begin to think about a purchase. Something as simple as a promotional drawstring bag impacts buying decisions and helps to gain a competitive advantage over everyone else.

Longevity Means Increased Cost-Effectiveness

Customers are likely to keep a drawstring bag for years, reusing it frequently. This extends the lifetime of the promotional item and boosts the return on the up-front costs. Custom drawstring bags from Fully Promoted are durable and produced from the highest quality materials, using printing processes that prevent the logo and message from fading or wearing out after multiple uses.

Talk to a specialist here at your local Fully Promoted about the many design options and to find the right promotional bag for your business. Custom drawstring bags with your company logo and messaging for giveaways are promotional products that your customers will truly appreciate.

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