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Direct Marketing

When a company wants to take its brand’s message directly to customers and potential customers, Fully Promoted can help create materials that attract and engage their attention. We can work with the brand to help integrate and synchronize online and offline direct marketing efforts, lead generation and create compelling messages and materials that promote the brand, nurture customer relationships, and deliver sales.

Consider some of the following Direct Marketing materials listed below that Fully Promoted can prepare for businesses across countless industries.

  • Rack Cards – Also called “palm cards,” these provide customers with the information they most need to know about the company’s products and service.
  • Direct Mail / Postcards – Cost efficient, direct mail campaigns and postcards are effective reminders of who and what the company is and can be used to promote specific events, such as sales on merchandise or services.
  • Flyers – Having a sale or hosting a special event? Let everyone know with creatively designed flyers. Include these in shipments or hand them out at conventions.
  • Brochures – These marketing favorites are impressive and comprehensive reminders of why customers should use the company’s offerings.
  • Sales Sheets – Used both to open and close sales, these brief and to-the-point tools highlight specifically what the company is selling, its benefits, and costs.
  • Door Hangers – Considered must-haves in any door-to-door canvassing effort, these information cards that have holes in the top where they can be placed on doorknobs ensure that the business is reaching the target audience because they are placed where they can’t be ignored.
  • Yard Signs – From political campaigns to nonprofit support messages and yard sales, yard signs capture the attention of all who pass by.
  • Newsletters – When produced with consistency, these go a long way toward acquainting potential customers with the quality of the brand and as a constant reminder for customers of why they choose the company to meet their needs.

Partner with Fully Promoted for Custom Direct Marketing Solutions

Our team of experienced professionals can help make the brand’s marketing dollars stretch with custom marketing solutions. We will ensure the ideas we present will represent the brand well and help the business achieve its marketing goals.

Contact us at Fully Promoted to learn more about how we can work together to create custom direct marketing solutions.

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