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Promotional Pencils

Why Personalized Pencils?

Sure, those traditional, yellow number two pencils are standard in elementary schools, but pencils are still an important writing instrument. Think about artists, students, churches, accountants, carpenters, and many others who still need pencils throughout their day. Promote your brand with customize pencils and imprint them with your company logo. This inexpensive giveaway can pass though many hands every day, whether on a jobsite, in a classroom, or even while doing a puzzle on a plane or train.

Branded Pencils at the Golf Course

Golfers use pencils all the time to record their scores and any information they want to retain while on the course. Fully Promoted can supply a “4 Teecil Golf Tee Packet” to give to your fellow competitors while on the course. These “Teecils” are a golf tee and pencil in one and can be used for up to six rounds of golf. With your company logo printed on this unique product, you can hand them out to golfing groups. Since it is small and convenient, it would be a great item for a promotional giveaway.

Keep Sets of Colored Pencils in Your Car or Handbag

Whether you’re traveling across the state or waiting in a doctor’s office, keeping a child entertained can be a challenge. Fully Promoted has pencil sets, including small colored pencils, larger colored ones, and even crayons in convenient kits that include a carrying case. All of these items can be printed with your company logo and handed out at picnics, school gatherings, or weekend sports events.

Personalized Mechanical Pencils

Mechanical pencils are still a staple in most work places and homes. Whether you are measuring and marking a line to hang a picture or are working on a large accounting problem, mechanical pencils erase and write from all angles, making them more functional than traditional. Try distributing customized pencils at your next tradeshow or event as an interesting giveaway item that will keep your brand top of mind. Hand out a colored mechanical pencil, branded with your logo, and people will be more likely to remember your company for future goods and services.

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